Is it legal to have an unregistered baby outside the network (without a birth certificate) in the United States?

United States

In the United States, as in many countries of the world, babies are born that do not pass through the civil registry. So they are babies that are not registered by their parents as legitimate children. But not being registered, these children do not exist for the state.

Many people believe that this is illegal. Actually, it is not illegal, but when the child starts to grow he must go to school and without a document, it will be difficult for him to do so. In the event that these parents do not send their child to school for an education. It will happen that later that child will be an adult and at some point will leave his paternal home. When he does so if he does not have documents he could end up in jail as an undocumented person. Being actually born in the United States.

Because parents do not register their children.

In the United States, there are not only great and beautiful cities as you see them on television. Here there is also a rural and peasant life. People who live far away from towns and cities. They are people who often do not have access to public health and children are born at home. Therefore, these parents leave their children without registration.
But is it illegal? No, it’s not illegal.

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