I want to move to Canada with my family. That I have to do?

I want to move to Canada with my family.

Canada is a beautiful country that is the ideal destination for many immigrants seeking a better life. This North American country is characterized by being a developed, multicultural nation, with a stable economy, where the rights and freedoms of citizens are respected. In fact, Canada is one of the few countries where the state promotes immigration and cultural exchange.

What Canada offers

The feeling of well-being is almost widespread in Canadian citizens. It is a country where its inhabitants consider having good employment opportunities, job stability, fair wages. There is also access to housing, public health (although not completely free) and quality education. In Canada, its inhabitants have a healthy environment that is characterized by providing order and a peaceful lifestyle.

This does not mean that it is a boring and inhospitable place. On the contrary, Canada has very developed cities where you can lead a carefree life since the whole country has one of the lowest crime and violence rates in the world. That is, citizen security is one of the best. In fact, according to the Global Peace Index Canada is ranked 8th worldwide.

Approximately 250,000 immigrants enter Canada every year in order to be part of the country’s workforce. It is the same Canadian State that openly promotes immigration. So, the entry of foreigners into the territory is something frequent and desirable for the country. There is not even one but two immigration systems: that of the Federal Government and that of the Government of Quebec.

Fortunately, unlike other countries, in Canada there is a strict order on this issue. Immigration laws are clear, dynamic and constantly reviewed to meet the needs of the nation’s demographic and labor development. In this sense, Canada prioritizes the entry of young professionals who have work experience and fluently handle one or both official languages ​​(English and French).

Thanks to this state policy that promotes cultural exchange, racial discrimination in Canada is not as strong as in other countries. There are always isolated cases but, in general, there is a climate of respect and tolerance. Moreover, in the new generations of Canadians who are rising in this multicultural environment in which a significant percentage of the population has foreign ancestry.

How to emigrate to Canada legally

Foreigners who decide to emigrate to Canada will be evaluated under a point system officially called the Global Ranking System (Comprehensive Ranking System) where the profile of the applicant and the skills that the individual has to favor their inclusion in the workforce are considered. from the country.

Among the factors taken into account for the selection is a level of education, level of understanding, reading and writing of the official languages (English and French), work experience (in your country of origin or in Canada) and if you have, or not, a job offer. All these elements are assigned a maximum assessment that will be higher or lower depending on whether the person is single or has a spouse. For example, a single person with a university degree could in the “education” category a maximum of 135 points.

Immigration program for skilled labor

The Qualified Labor Immigration Program, or Federal Skilled Trades Program, is aimed at immigrants who have certified experience in a trade. For example, gas installers, plumbers, electricians, refrigeration technicians or air conditioners, aircraft mechanics, crane operators, miners, etc. The purpose of this program is to cover the demand of workers in different cities of the country.

Family sponsorship

If you have a direct family member in Canada who has citizenship or permanent residence, then apply for a Family Reunion sponsorship.

In this case, the Canadian resident or citizen has the opportunity to be a sponsor or sponsor to process the permanent residence of the following relatives: spouse, dependent children under 22, parents, siblings and grandparents. It is also allowed to sponsor nephews or grandchildren who are orphans under 18.

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